General Questions

Planning permission is not normally required for items of a relocatable/temporary nature like a hot tub or swim spa, however, if you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, or listed property or a conservation area you would do well to seek advice from the planners before installing your pool or spa.

To install your hot tub, you only need to worry about three things: a solid, level base to stand it on, a power outlet to provide the power, and a hose pipe to fill it up with - it really is that simple. If you plan to sink the spa, there will be the added consideration of access to the component door for servicing, so do bear that in mind when planning and preparing your base. Always get full installation instructions from your supplier, which should include specific advice on sinking the model purchased.

Our dedicated team of Hot Tub technicians install and deliver Hot Tubs every day, We transport the Hot Tub on a Spa Sledge which allows us to quickly and easily slide the Hot Tub into it's chosen location. We typically use a Spa Bag which is blown up which lowers the hot tub down onto your base.

There is no recommended time limit for bathing in your hot tub, however, it is best to keep yourself hydrated whilst you are in the spa and drink plenty of water. You should also take care to maintain your sanitizer level, which will deplete over a few hours of bathing.

Water is good for your skin, but hot water over a long period will cause your skin to dry out. It is important to maintain the correct pH and Sanitizer balance so as not to cause skin irritation. We would always suggest that a good moisturiser is used all over after using your hot tub.