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If you look back through history books there has always been a fascination with water. Not only this, but also harnessing the power of water is something that people around the world have dreamed of being able to do. One of the most popular stories has to be of Neptune and Poseidon. The Greek and Norse Gods of the water, the tales that relate to these all powerful entities have been recounted for years.

The one thing that seems to be in common between these two mythical Gods is the trident. The trident is a powerful tool that is known to be able to not only create new water, but also to control the water too. Without the trident, would Neptune and Poseidon posses as much of their power.
It is the trident in particular that has inspired us here at Trident Spas. Whilst we cannot claim to have total control of all the water in the world. What we can do for you is bring a new source of water. Albeit in the form of a swim spa or a hot tub, and if you are looking for the ideal way to relax, unwind or soothe those aches and pains, then this is all you need.
Here at Trident Spas we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the very best in service. Whether that is online or in our Derby store. We always make sure that our customers find the perfect hot tub for their needs, not just the one that is the most expensive.


We make sure that we deliver the best hot tub buying experience when our customers enter our showroom!


We have flexible finance available on Hot Tub and Swim Spa purchases. From Buy Now Pay Later to Interest Free!


We only sell quality products, all of our spas have the best insulation, pumps, jets and control panels available on the market.


We often get compliments from our customers about how fantastic our showroom looks, we have over 15 spas on display right here in Derby!


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